My name is Victoria Costa, Torie for short. I am an 17-year-old animals rights activist, on a mission to spread awareness and stop animal testing. Now you’re probably staring aimlessly at your laptop screen or smart phone thinking, “How can some little girl stop such a big issue?”. Well, my personal outlook on this common question is simple. The future doesn’t just “happen” or come together in time, you have to make it happen. If every single person saw an issue they disagree with and think “Eh someone else will step up and fix this.”, then this world would be destined for chaos. Speaking from my own profound viewpoint it doesn’t matter how old or young you are, if you live in Hollywood or Haiti, even if you’re filthy rich or dirt poor, YOU can make a positive impact on this world with the right mindset. It doesn’t matter who’s standing up, it matters what actions they take on an issue. This is one of the many reasons I started a campaign and formed a petition against animal testing. This past Christmas (2013) I was simply relishing the atmosphere of the season with my family, when next thing I knew my little sister pulled me aside. She looked rather unsettled as she showed me a photograph of an adult rabbit who was tested on in L’Oreal labs. Now when the photo was taken at the time it wasn’t your typical soft, fluffy, white Easter bunny, in fact it was very far from it. The image revealed this particular rabbit blinded with sores in its eyes, bright, burning pink flesh, small patches of fur, and the utter look of extreme pain and discomfort spread across its face. Immediately I started researching animal testing and what I found was truly startling. Videos, graphic images and descriptions of what these animals go through on a regular basis until death, is truly alarming. Animal “testing” is an understatement. The word “testing” sugarcoats the harsh reality of the matter. These animals aren’t being “tested” on, they’re undergoing utterly cruel treatment one can’t even imagine. Ranging from multiple shots of blinding, detrimental chemicals injected into their eyes, to consciously having their head cut open and shocking their brains, this is just a part of their everyday lives. Not only are rats and rabbits being tested on, but mans best friend! Dogs, cats, monkeys, pigs, and so many more animals undergo this such treatment every day of their short lives. For such a person to conduct these experiments on anything living, must be truly heartless. The second I finished my research, I immediately took action to form a campaign and write a petition that night. I sent my campaign to everyone I knew, posted multiple links on social networks, and encouraged people to spread the word. I printed hundreds of flyers on this cause, started an awareness group in my community, and proceeded to make announcements at my school; I am determined to put an end to animal testing. I will get the word out to anyone who listens, and never stop until such a goal is achieved. I can’t do this without your help, and remember: every signature counts. I hope to present the completed petition to government officials, or any large organization that can provide assistance.


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