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5,000 signatures!!!!

Hey guys! Thank you to EVERYONE who has spread the word and encouraged the ongoing of this petition. It has officially reached 5,000 signatures!! I can’t believe we accomplished our goal in such a short time since I sent the message out. This is fantastic! I can finally start branching out to the community once I present my ideas to schools and public events. BUT this does not mean the petition is over! Keep signing 🙂

With everyone’s help we can reach an even bigger goal! The more signatures, the more awareness. If anyone is interested in representing this campaign at their school, or have any further questions, please contact me toriescampaign@yahoo.com

Thanks again everyone!!

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Campaign Progress

Entering the New Year, the petition has almost reached its goal of 5,000 signatures. Once that is complete, I plan to advertise it more in the community, as well as spread the word to local schools. Small steps to a big outcome! I will keep gathering signatures to branch it even farther. Within the next month I plan to launch an official campaign Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account. Special thanks to everyone who has contributed so far. Don’t forget to spread the word!

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Goal of 5,000 signatures

Thank you to EVERYONE who has helped this petition grow. I plan to reach my goal of 5,000 signatures hopefully by this Christmas! Encourage your friends, family, neighbors, teachers, veterinarian, anyone who is willing to sign! This event won’t just happen on its own, I need your help. In order to present at assemblies around my community, this petition must reach its necessary goal. A little over 500 signatures left, we can do this. Do it for the animals.

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Every Signature Counts

Hundreds of popular name brands proceed to conduct a series of harmful and often fatal experiments on innocent animals behind closed doors. Dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, pigs, and mice are currently undergoing cruel assessments in various laboratories as we speak. No animal deserves to be held captive in cramped enclosures while a series of detrimental chemicals are injected into their eyes and stomachs. These companies hold no sympathy for these helpless creatures. After undercover research was conducted in numerous labs, it has been concluded that dogs and other animals are often adopted from animal shelters then used in lethal experiments against their will. Imagine if this was performed on you? Why should animals suffer on account of some out of date product? By signing this petition, one by one we can raise awareness to put a hault on this harsh reality.


Torie Costa


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